I’m a little shocked whenever I see objections like this raised against Christianity. Are people still using such nonsense? Yes! I would’ve loved to see people growing beyond petty arguments and having a proper discussion/debate where there’s some substance. But yeah, it’s too much to ask for when it comes to social media critics.

When we hear the word “jealousy” there’s a negative connotation attached to it. Jealousy is wrong when you are threatened by someone’s achievement. It is wrong when it creates a feeling of resentment. “Oh your God is a jealous God? What a petty God you worship!” This is how most Hindus think of Jehovah.

But that’s not it. There’s not just one understanding of jealousy. There’s an appropriate version of jealousy: for example when a woman feels jealous noticing her husband flirting with another woman. This is natural! If the woman doesn’t feel jealous, then it raises a red flag – she’s not concerned about her marital relationship and that she’s most likely morally deficient. In this case, jealousy is appropriate as it is going to save the marriage from falling apart. The same way when the Bible talks about God being a jealous God, it is with the deepest concerns for his creation. God wants the best for His creation and grants them eternal life. But when he sees them gambling it away, he’s concerned.

In conclusion, no this isn’t a contradiction. At best, it’s a misunderstanding of what it means to be jealous and in what context.


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