What to do when you fail to respond to an objection?

You might come across an objection in a conversation raised against Christianity that you couldn’t respond to. It happens to all of us. No one can have answers to all of the questions thrown at them. It reminds us that it is so important to always keep learning and improving your skills. How can one do that? Here’s what I do.

When I come across something that I didn’t really have an answer for, I make a note of the exact issue/objection/question that caused the trouble. I make sure that I do the research, be it reading a book/blog, watch a youtube video, listen to a podcast etc. that addresses the issue. I try to consume as much as I could on that issue for as long as it takes for me to grasp the concept. Once I am confident enough in understanding the issue, I try to write a response in my own words. This ensures that I have really understood the issue and can respond effectively and efficiently.

Try this out, I am sure this will help you. BTW, this method can be applied in your studies as well as in acquiring other skills. Also, here’s a book that will help you in your conversations.


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